Creative Summer Residence in Santander

Espacio Sardinero “Seedling of Artists» is a proposal of Live Art that is developed every summer since 2013, in which artists Working different techniques and materials, move their workshops to the Bay of Santander. This is how the encounters between artists and public are provoked, it´s a magical moment, a new way of «seeing» art, an energetic back and forth that satisfies the viewer and renews the creative inspiration of the artist, promoting a mutual enrichment.

Our Objective: “Working on sensitization of people towards the art”

Creative Summer Residence

 Profile we search

  • Age: from 18 to 25.
  • Person who needs to open up to new experiences, get out of his/her environment and country of residence under a tutelage to develop a work being in a creative context with artists and artisans.
  • Person with artistic sensibility.
  • Someone who has taken or is studying an artistic degree. (Arts, Crafts, Grafic Arts…)Person that speaks English and wants to learn Spanish.
  • Someone who is receptive and wants to strengthen empathy with people and the public by participating in this event.
  • Someone who likes meeting new fellow artists.

What we offer during the experience

  • A bilingual person will accompany and assist him/her during the experience.
  • HomeStay: Familiar homestay with breakfast and dinner.
  • Lunch: Alternative, Healthy & Creative Lunch:
  • For a creative mind a healthy, coherent and creative diet.

Residence Schedule

  • Workshops for children. Participation and work during the stay in Action Painting workshops. There you will find how to show the children how to make decisions about the performance of a work, finding a space and time of freedom to experience. We´ll seek to awaken their creativity and reinforce their confidence. Likewise, these workshops create a different family context in which adults learn to respect the freedoom of children and young people. The experience of the previous editions is that in these workshops it is possible to involve the whole family in a playful way.
  • How to communicate and develop a workshop with childrens and diferent kind of public.
  • Creative Recycling Workshop: Participation and work in workshops to raise awareness and re-use disposable materials. Same work proposal as in the Action Painting.
  • Direct coexistence with artists from different disciplines.
  • Non-formal communication and Spanish language learning.

Our idea is to create a space in which artist can coexist under the same proposal and feel inspired. A place where creativity meets inspiration, conversations can happen that empower new ideas and all that in a natural relaxed setting.

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We are looking forward to meet you and join our

little creative community in Santander.


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